As a child I dreamed of becoming an artist...

For a while I pursued an education toward this dream...but then the artistry of human emotion, the pursuit of the soulful meaning of life, of love, and the attempt to understand the mystery of our humanity tugged my

mind towards psychology. The beauty of human patterns of interaction and the medium of word-smithing became my passion as psychotherapy was now my canvas. For thirty years the art of assisting others in their healing of self sustained me and made me who I am. Creativity with my hands has always brought balance and joy.

I heard a story many years ago told by a Jungian psychologist at a workshop I attended. She spoke of creativity and our essential need and desire to "make".

We were asked to imagine the energy needed to produce and ultimately carry the incredibly dense boney growth of an antler rack. Both male and females produce antlers. Later, when envisioning the event that inevitably occurs...that the antlers are shed at the end of the season, we felt the grief. Antlers are the symbol of the creative force of deer...they show their work, their majesty and then carry it with much effort.  She spoke of the need to make something beautiful and then the need to give it up...to let it go. Creation-Maintenance-Destruction. All of life follows this course, right?...and so do we in our pursuit of healing, growth, consciousness. I woke up to my love of antlers when I heard that story. I have chosen to create with antlers to bring forth their beauty...a type of re-cycling to honor the deer that carried them.

My brother helps me tenderly shape and release each antler piece with a fine saw. I then perform a 4-step

sanding and polishing process with each slice to reveal its unique interior secrets. My partner, acting as muse, delivers perfectly timed and tiny, amazing inspirations. My canine daughter lets me know how exciting she finds the work and the scents! My childhood best friend is my first and most loyal customer. She wants them all! Many loved ones are giving wind to my sails.

The child in me delivered to the artist in me the dream in which I saw a gem inset into each piece-bringing

together the antler with my other love-natural earth crystals and minerals.

Gemstones, metals, and antlers are chosen from ethical, conscious sources. Thank you for your interest. Please

contact me if you would like more information.

Gratitude to Julie, Greg, Dana, Geoff, Sandy, Dan & John, Santi & Emmanuel & Zatavia, Talia, Kate & Joe, Alan, Michele, Leigh G., Mom and Dad.